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Mercy Clinic provides free health care to the uninsured of south Fort Worth.

On North Texas Giving Day extend a compassionate hand of MERCY to our neighbors without health insurance, with limited resources and limited access to health care.

With your help Mercy Clinic of Fort Worth continues to elevate the quality of medical, dental and spiritual help and healing to more families in need than ever before. Each patient interaction is not just clinical but a conversation, a demonstration of the compassion of Christ through prayer and sharing of the gospel.

We've added three dental assistants this calendar year to work with our six volunteer dentists. We're hiring our first hygenist now.  Thanks to an increase of supplies and new dental tools, our dentists are now able to perform difficult root canals and other higher level procedures than we could last year - and our patients are able to keep their teeth.

We are back to big events that serve and build our community:  Pop Up health screening events, Back to School immunization and school supply events, bilingual women's healthcare events, and vaccine clinics. 

In our 9 years, operations have grown from 1 evening a week to a ministry that is working 5-6 days a week and positively impacting the physical and spiritual health of MORE neighbors in MORE neighborhoods than ever before.  This year we've been able to serve three times as many dental clients with increasingly complicated needs, add bilingual education classes to equip our community,  serve Ukranian refugees now located in our area, and send medical supplies with international teams serving the suffering across the world.

Giving Day is your opportunity to extend MERCY to our community.


Offering Treatments Otherwise Out-of-Reach


Fort Worth has the lowest rate of Federally Qualified Health Care Centers providing dental care in Texas.

We're serving more patients: increasing from 8 hrs/wk of clinic work to 25 hrs/wk. Eventually we will be providing dental care 40 hrs/wk.


We're adding 4 fantastic full and part-time employees this year. When complete, the Clinic will create an additional 3 full-time positions.

Now performing difficult root canals and other higher level procedures some of our patients could never have accessed before.


"I get so nervous at the dentist but the nurses told me Dr. Nieves is a natural and that I wouldn't feel any pain - don't worry. I thought, "Yeah, right" but let me tell you it's true! I decided to do the root canal and there was no pain. Thank you thank you to all the doctors, all the nurses and the and volunteers. You take care of the community and take care of me."

- Brenda

"I had pain from my jaw to the top of my head and the dentist knew exactly what I needed and the pain went away. One day I will need dental implants and the dentist told me she will help me find a way to get them more affordably than I could on my own!"

- Anna

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